Domme prepares for the Tour de France!!

The hill top village of Domme is preparing for the passage through it’s narrow streets of the Tour de France on July 11th. Some of the winding roads ascending the approach to Domme have been re-surfaced, trees have been pruned and various types of bikes have been decorated and positioned around the village. On the day some of the roads will be closed to vehicles but plenty of parking spaces are to be had outside the medieval walls then a short walk through the pretty streets and you can access the lovely shops and restaurants. Here is the itinerary for the day:

C = arrival of “Caravane”
FR = approximate arrival time of first rider

SARLAT (D6/D704/D57/D46)
C = 13h27
FR= 15h17

VITRAC PORT (D46/D703/D46)
C = 13h40
FR = 15h29

DOMME (D46/D703/D46) and the climb up and down again
C = 13h48
FR = 15h36

CENAC (D49/D46)
C = 13h52
FR = 15h39

C = 13h57
FR = 15h44

If you are staying with us at Les Jonquilles then you won’t need your car, Domme is a short, enjoyable walk from the house. We’ve selected our viewing spot to see the cyclist and their entourage and are looking forward to a spectacular day. Here’s a link to the official website with the full route of stage 10 of the tour.